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Who are we:

We are a UK based organisation seeking to promote virtuous, ethical and moral way of life through the use of character education.

Our vision:

Our vision is the realisation of a cohesive society based on justice and fairness for everyone.

Our Mission:

In regards to politics, our aim is to create a platform that uses a honest and compassionate approach in discussing current affairs.
Our objective is to provide ideas and methods that are fundamentally based on virtuous and ethical principles, in both the western intellectual traditions such as virtue ethics, as well as in Islam, particularly in the concept of Hilm.
We thrive to build upon already existing literature and provide a practical framework, based on research, to develop the current discourses.
Whilst on education, we aspire to educate and provide suitable tools to promote equitable living.
Most fundamentally we seek to promote, and lobby, for the legislation of character education into mainstream schooling.

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